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Large Unity Candle Set with beaded lace embellishment


Set of White Unity candles with beaded lace embellishment

1x White Large pillar candle (Flat top) size: H 20cmx ○ 7cm (x1)

2x side candles size : H 25 cm x ○ 2 cm (2x)

Suitable for ceremonial use only.

What are wedding unity candles ?

A ritual in both religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies representing two people (and families) becoming one.

Two taper candles are initially lit and used by each member of the marrying couple. These tapers are then used to light a larger pillar candle in the centre. Intended to symbolise the joining together of the bride and groom, the tapers may be blown out, to indicate that the two lives have been permanently merged, or they may remain lit beside the central candle, symbolising that the now-married partners have not lost their individuality.

Note: Stand(s) not included